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Celebrating 34 years of God’s faithfulness to SBC

SBC… Changed lives, Changing Lives!

I still can’t put into words how amazing our anniversary Sunday was. The experience was nostalgic, surreal, amazing, moving and transforming…

Let me write about it when I’ve gotten over this gush. 🙂 In the mean time, see how the Lord is bringing SBC closer to him and how He is empowering this little church to be a super-church for HIM. 🙂

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I was simply blown away

Lord, I believe in Your own perfect time, SBC too will have a dance ministry. I’ll continue praying. 🙂

Let me cry under the trees

friendly trees

There’s something enchanting yet therapeutic about trees. Looking at this photo has made me calmer than I could ever be. It invites you to seek solace under its shady leaves, to rest by its strong trunk, and to cry while it sings to you until all your heartaches are gone. Like absorbing all your pain while your tears wet the soil beneath.

At this time I need to heal. Because the scar that has healed was cut open to bleed once more. It hurts more now than it has before.

And under the trees is just the perfect spot for me to begin healing again.

Me thanks Fabo for the photo.

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Because it’s 2008 and mostly everyone has moved on…

…I’m moving on too. I think it is high time that I do some serious blogging from how I blogged before. You know, insights that really capture how I live my life daily. Things that inspire, thoughts that will tickle the brain, new learnings or maybe anything spontaneous. Seriously, I need a change of environment. Something fresh, kinda like working on a new slate. And it’s good that WordPress has that kind of feel. 🙂

Aw, this is such a lame introductory speech. :p