Be still before God and He’ll show You slowly

And He did. One after another. At first I was cynical about it, thinking “Lord, this is it. It will never be whole again.” But then, He proved me wrong. He always does when I begin to doubt. I’m just thankful He’s faithful.

This Valentine’s was quite new for us. New — I can’t think of a more perfect term. Cheesy as it may sound, this is a start of something new.

Valentine’s for me this time of the year meant reconciliation.

When we allow You to work on a situation in our lives, You will work on it with the best possible way. Lord, indeed You make things beautiful in Your time. Everything in Your own perfect time. Now I’m one of those who could testify that this promise is true.

Thank you for those who prayed for me through this ordeal. You don’t know how much impact it made. We are truly grateful.

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2 thoughts on “Be still before God and He’ll show You slowly

  1. bijoiski says:

    Can’t wait for your kwento šŸ˜€ *big hug. The Lord is good pare.

  2. ladymoja says:

    Hi normi! I tried to understand your entries at tabulas then here in wordpress.. somehow i know what happened.. or maybe this is just an assumption..

    anyway, clinging stronger to God is a great step from every aches. you’re on the right track sis.. just hang on there..
    =) *hugs!*

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