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So what if it is the US Presidential Elections? I care.

Either read and be aware or just don’t care at all. Your choice.

It’s important to know. Why? (now this is going to be long)


Do you even realize that the US Presidential Elections has a great political and diplomatic effect on all governments worldwide? Not that I am agreeing they are a super-power nation to even have that kind of effect. But let’s just put it this way — USA has always been a very influential factor in many aspects to many countries. Whoever is campaigning today for November 2008 elections to be the next US President draws the kind of relationship USA will have to the rest of the world in the next years to come.

Now, I am not writing this because it would help in the campaign. Those candidates have more able campaign groups all around the world who does that job everyday. This is just my two cents. And no, I’m not in for a debate either.

It’s just an amazing realization for me that this year’s Presidential elections is going to be a milestone for the United States of America with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama leading the democratic candidacy (the latter, ahead by 139 pledged votes as of today — because seems to me, Democrats are going to win this elections). If Clinton wins, she’ll be the first woman President to be elected to office. If Obama wins, he’ll be the first black African-American President to be elected to office. Either way, it is going to be American history.

I’ve read their platforms, watched videos of their debates and speeches, reviewed their statistics in the candidacy and it really looks promising if you ask me. Both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama have laid out their plans that will definitely make major changes in whatever is dormant in their country. Though there still is McCain‘s platform, I think Americans have had enough of Republicans running their country (we all know how they do not favor Bush). I’m not pre-empting ok, it’s just an observation. Know what the issues are: Clinton and Obama.


I really admire Clinton for her bravery to face the candidacy against the testosterone-filled competition (I know someone who had the very same experience, only in the SEO world *wink*), but it’s Obama I’m rooting for. Call me biased, but really I’m not. I will tell you why.

Both of course have America’s best interests at heart, both also have shortcomings one way or another, both are Democrats, both have strong leadership, both have made remarkable contributions while in Senate, both are Christians. So what basically places Obama over Clinton?

People say (Clinton and McCain included) that Obama is an eloquent speaker but empty are his words. Yet it is his enthusiasm and passion during his speeches and interviews that evidently reflected his heart for service. He’s proud to declare his affiliation with Trinity United Church of Christ and mentions how active his family is in church whilst Clinton’s acknowledgment of her faith was as far as being active in her youth group (how long was that?) and hearing a Martin Luther Jr. speech back in her young years. I’m not to judge one’s Christianity by declaring which church they go to, but it’s just that Obama is more open about God in his speeches than Clinton is, which shows how his faith is strongly established and he’s not afraid to speak about God even if he would get disapproval from non-Christians in his audience.

I am for Presidential candidates who are politically qualified: exceptional education, with long political experience, socially involved, etcetera. But it is quite different when this Presidential candidate declares his faith in a living God. And Obama is that candidate. He even placed law school and corporate life on hold to serve as a “ organizer with a church-based group seeking to improve living conditions in poor neighborhoods plagued with crime and high unemployment. The group had some success, but Barack had come to realize that in order to truly improve the lives of people in that community and other communities, it would take not just a change at the local level, but a change in our laws and in our politics.” Meaning he went to serve the cause of the church before plotting what he’s going to do for the rest of his life. And today, he’s here to run for the highest position in the US Government because of that revelation that he had while he was serving the community. (hello SBC young people — he could be any of us!)

I believe in what is biblically written about leadership. There is no question about Clinton’s leadership capabilities because I know she is as good as any candidate who’s running right now. She is equally accomplished as any of those men candidates.Yet, I believe that God had ordained men to be leaders — to be the initiators as He created them to be from the beginning of time. I know we have women leaders who are far better than men, but still we cannot take away the fact that God gave man and woman specific responsibillities that we all should adhere to. Reason why we have far better women leaders is that men leaders are dwindling from what God has originally created them to be. Men (young and old) should be trained and built to be the leaders that the Lord called them to be. I’m not saying that I’m against women leaders, only that isn’t it about time that the men should take the lead now? I know that one reason God created Adam is to be leader over Eve and all the other animals, and that same reason is still true today. Clinton may become a great President, but as biblically written, Obama should be holding the responsibility of leading a nation.

I can’t just shake the truth that all around the world, God is raising leaders to put His banner up. And here is one leader He calls to stand firm and be an instrument of change situated in the most influential country in the world, the United States of America. I could only pray for the next events to happen because I really cannot say if everything will look bright once he steps into office. But for sure, a leader who’s well established in his beliefs, principles and values especially on a powerful and magnificent God, I know everything is in full control.

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