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Workstation Wisdom

You will know an employee’s

number of years in the company

by the accumulated decors and

junk in his/her workstation.


WordPress virgin no more—after WordCamp, that is

Well, I’ve been a blogger for quite some time now. I’ve been there. But since most of my friends moved on to be in the blogging business, I felt alone. On that account, I blogged less and less. I found it useless to post entries with no one to interact it with—it’s like talking to a wall. In my attempt to rouse my passion for blogging again, I moved to where they all went—WordPress—because they say it’s where the party at.

While my friends went to become the Jedis that they are now, in this blogging field, knowing all the terms and whatnots; I, on the other hand, became an ignoramus to these optimazations, CSS, SEO, and other tralalas. I felt like a little kitty in the big, old, unfriendly city, not knowing what to do. Oh, poor me.

Thank God for good cyber-Samaritans like the Mindanao Bloggers! There’s still hope for people like me!

Because I feel I have been ungrateful to this generous bloghost, I would like to get to know it better. And I will at the WordCamp. Hooray!

I’m so going to learn the stuff all the big honchos in the WWW know. Ha!

♥ Blogging 102 – Basics & Beyond
♥ Other Ways to Use WordPress
♥ Video and Mobile Blogging
♥ Cascading Style Sheets
♥ Blog Monetization
♥ Migrating to WordPress
♥ Organizing / Optimizing Your WordPress Blog
♥ Advanced WordPress Management
♥ Developing WP Plugins / Best Practices in PHP Coding
♥ Designing WP Themes
♥ WordPress & SEO
♥ WordPress E-commerce Site
♥ Configuring & Deploying WordPress MU
♥ Developing WP Aggregator Sites
♥ WordPress Security / Anti-Hacking Techniques
♥ WP Development Ethics
♥ Microformats

And goodness with sponsors like these guys below, THIS is grand, I tell ya.

And to think it’s only going to be at a spitting distance from my apartment, my alma mater—DLS-College of Saint Benilde. Aaaah, truly heaven-sent. 🙂

Expect me there, September 06, 2008 in CSB’s Augusto-Rosario Gonzalez Theater (oh, that’s on the 5th floor). ON THE DOT.

And for sure, right after this event, I’m no longer a kitty. I’ll be a roaring lion in cyberspace unleashing the prowess WordCamp has bestowed upon me. Oh yeaaaah! 😀

C’mon guys, sign up, this is one brainy gig you wouldn’t want to miss! Right Joni? 😉

WordCamp Philippines

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The Bridge

The Gospel in a nutshell, captured on video.

This video was shown during the 1st session in the Transformers Camp led by Pastor Vincent. Actually, the scenes are excerpts from the movie MOST which was nominated for best live-action short film in the Oscars. Kudos goes to this person who made the video for his church. Watch it and be moved as all of us were at the camp.

Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice. Thank you Father for the love.

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To dance for You

Oh how I long to dance with You, my Lord.

One day, God… One day, I will dance for You like this. I will dance to worship You–to dance according to how my heart leads… my heart that longs only for You.

You picked me up from the rubble and cleanse me
Until I’m all shiny and new.
I was groping in the dark,
You took my hand.
I was uncertain,
You quiet my heart.
I was hurt,
You showed me Your love.

God, You have proven Your love for me.
Many times, Lord… many times.
And with that I give,
To You alone.
To You alone.

Now, I will be still and know you are God.

Your daughter,