I have to release this, else I will self-destruct

I am soooooo hating our Social Security System (SSS) right now (and I’m not even putting up a link) for the following reasons—and these, by the way, happened on different occassions [Ooooh I’m so fusing right now!]:

1) I traveled all the way from Taft Avenue to SSS Banawe just to apply for an SS ID, only to waste an entire vacation leave because their ID capture system is down.

2) Since I was around the vicinity because I’m doing clearance at HTMT, I decided to apply for my ID at the SSS Pasig after getting done. Because clearance takes time to accomplish as well, I finished around 3PM. Therefore, I had to rush to get in line before the business day ends. When I got there, this annoying manong guard said to me that I might not meet the cut off because it’s almost five (it was only quarter to 4 Koya!) and asked me to just come back the next day and try to make it earlier. I cannot be-lieeeeeeve this is happening to me and feeling my blood boil, I turned and walked away.

3) This time I thought I’ve outsmarted myself—I know a nearer SSS Branch now—Lawton. But thing is, they only take ID capture for half of the day. So then I have to again excuse myself from work (in the morning at least) just to get me an ID since I need it for my sickness notification form. I was there early, mind you, 8:30AM! When I got there, it looks like the office has been opened for 5 hours because of the long lines. I asked the guard where is the line for the ID capture and he answered to my horror—“Ma’am, tapos na po ang cut-off. Ayan po ang pila. 120 lang po ang pwede. Balik na lang kayo.” (read that in Bisayan accent) I am really pissed this time because I missed an important agenda at work just for this. And my goodness, 120 slots filled and it’s only half of the opening hour?! What are these people doing, camping out the SSS Office?! I was really praying hard because I was at the brink of making a scene. I can’t do anything else but head back to work.

4) And because I know the status of cut-offs and long lines now, I got up early today and dashed out the apartment before 6:30AM. Timed in at work so that if I stayed longer in SSS, I won’t be late when I get back. Took a jeep and got off Lawton, walked to the SSS Office in full confidence that this time I’m going to get my mission done. I got there and I was—-WHAAAAAT????!!!!! This time I have to summon all the memory verses my mind can remember just to keep myself from swearing out loud. No, it’s not the already long line that’s been there since 4AM. Neither are the annoying manong guards nor the cut-off. But it was the most dreaded sign—NO ID CAPTURE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I FAILED YET AGAIN!!!! What must a girl do to get an SS ID nowadays eh? Tell me?!

They don’t do appointments like what the US Embassy does now. They don’t have online registration or SS ID application where you give all your information there and just show up at a specific schedule to get your picture taken (if they won’t accept submitting your own photo). And worst, they don’t advise those who are first time SSS applicants that they would also need to get an ID eventually so better apply immediately after getting a number (at least I wasn’t informed).

How in the world can I bring myself again to another SSS Office to apply for an ID after all these mishaps? I don’t want to waste another day or even an hour only to disappoint myself. I need to get an ID soon or else my sickness notification form will not be honored. Oh I hate SSS so much!!!!!

Is it me being stupid or SSS is just really frustrating?


2 thoughts on “I have to release this, else I will self-destruct

  1. bijoiski says:

    hay naku. Sa SSS antipolo ako nag apply. Medyo madami ding tao pero mas mabilis yung system nila. Got there around 8 finished by 9. You might be interested. hehehe.

  2. Andie says:


    i just ran out of things to complain about! thanx!

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