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WordCamp fun encapsulated

See how great the WordCamp was…

Oh, and try to spot me. 😀

Kudos to Buddy Gancenia of Reality Wedding Video for making this cool vid. 🙂

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And I am now WordPress de-virginized—thankyou WordCamp. Ok, that
sounded wrong, ha ha!

I really didn’t know what to expect from the camp. I basically just
signed up because: 1) you just have to blog about WordCamp to get in the
list (which worked for me since I needed to update my blog too anyway
*hee*); 2) because I want to know why WordPress is THE blogging
platform; 3) I want to experience a blogging event and be introduced to
a new circle of people; and 4) I got kinda curious about who this Matt
was and why does everyone in the WordPress community go
berserk just hearing his name.

I really didn’t have any major reason to go to the WordCamp, until a
month before the actual event. Since I’m also part of the website
committee where I work, I was commissioned by my boss to cover it.
Therefore, what I intended for plain enjoyment and experience became
work for me—I’m not complaining though. I picked up quite a lot from
the morning forums by notable professional bloggers and afternoon talks
by renowned Matt Mullenweg, Aileen Apolo, and other honchos in the
blogging business. Too bad I can’t be in all the morning forums at the
same time. But I think I have everything I needed from Jayvee‘s
Blogging 102, Blogie‘s advise on creating a blogging community, and
Hans‘ tips on WordPress and SEO.

I almost felt a warm tear on my cheek as I entered CSB gates. Talk
about nostalgia! It has been years since I walked the halls of Mutien
and Benilde again—remembering the classes I had to endure in those
rooms and joyfully looking back at the fun memories in Augusto-Rosario
Theatre (hooray Frosh Orientation!). Good times.

As I was sitting there, listening to Matt talk about WordPress—some,
honestly are jargons to me still and I keep getting distracted by that
pink polo he’s wearing (in a good way, hahaha!)—I was really
impressed at how fast WordPress is developing and being on top of its
game. Bloggers will forever be grateful to the beautiful minds behind
WordPress—oh hey that’s you, Matt! Ergo, Matt Mullenweg’s talk,
ladies and gentlemen, ultimately satisfied my reasons #2 and #4.

I sure am glad I didn’t miss this very historical WordPress event, I
am a kitty no more
. So I might not ring a bell yet in the blogging
sphere, but I soon will. And that friends, is what happens to silent,
habitual bloggers at the aftermath of WordCamp.

I was there see….

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Yes, like a giddy little kid waiting for the Christmas morning—I’m kinda excited about WordCamp. 🙂

I just hope I won’t have problem getting my laptop inside (that would really ruin it).