How would you love an enemy?

In this century, many of our morals and values have been compromised that people (even with strong Christian stance) have a tendency to bend over gray areas-one of which is WAR.

This is something that you don’t usually talk about during get-togethers with Christians, discussions about Christian faith, and the like; but it is equally important that we discuss them openly.

We’ve just finished studying 1st Peter (and before that, James) and watching this film has made me visualize what our brothers and sisters had to go through during the early times of Christianity. Yet, the church endured several persecutions at the hands of the Roman Empire itself without ever considering taking up the sword against their aggressors.

Now isn’t it ironic that we go to war to achieve peace? That violence has become a substantial method to gain pacification?

One person braved to find the answer, and in his search created this documentary.

I believe the God I’m worshipping and serving is a God of balance and order… He is the Prince of Peace-God of War.


“Now it scares me that we have a generation of Christians who know what Jesus would do and yet will do the opposite and call themselves followers of Jesus.”

~ Dr. Tony Campolo
Best selling author, Former Spiritual Advisor to President Bill Clinton
Professor at Eastern University – St. Davids PA


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8 thoughts on “How would you love an enemy?

  1. DF says:

    waah i can’t watch the docu, im on a proxy site haha. Wait i’ll watch it at home then let’s discuss it – wehehe

  2. normeee says:

    @DF oh of course. Let’s, let’s. I direly need an intelligent conversation now. Hehe.

  3. dianagolez says:

    haay still haven’t seen it yet. hehe but i move na mas cute pala dito kesa sa blogspot hihihi

  4. normeee says:

    @dianagolez seeeeee! I told you. 🙂 link me! 🙂

  5. Mighty says:

    Ei Normi, i was so moved by this documentary. i wish we could recapture much of the stand of Jesus in our difficult times. 😀

  6. TED says:

    I’ve been compelled to watch this about ten (10) times. Post something new for us to read when we visit. I almost have to watch parts of this each time I visit here daily.

    How are you sister? Well I trust. Thanks for sharing this, it’s interesting and gets the brain workin’.

    GOD bless you sister! *squeeze* (=-

  7. lei says:

    hi.. sayang tapos na pla yung event.. im interested pa naman… pano ksi i completely dont understand what is written to the bible. im having trouble with it…

    • normeee says:

      Hi Lei! onga sayang. But don’t worry we have a lot of other events lined up just like this. Since I have a link to your site, will update you. And you may also subscribe to the PBS website for other details on programs and projects on how to get to know your Bible better. 😉

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