Not another Train movie?!

Who said that putting Denzel Washington and John Travolta together in a suspense film would make a badass movie? The Taking of Pelham123 is badass if I was like 13 years old and didn’t have any clue about conspiracy and hostage drama. A deadpan Travolta with a goatie and tattoo already gave away his role in the film, which tells you it would be a very predictable story. The only good I saw here was how Denzel Washington’s character was carefully established, i.e. growing on the hostage taker—though the sarcasm in some of his lines failed to be sarcastic—it seems as if this movie was written around Washington’s role and not the actual taking of Pelham123. As the film progressed, I still wanted to believe there’s something miraculous in the story—yet even Travolta’s escape falls short of climax. I feel insulted for these award-winning actors having to cast in such a poorly written screenplay.

washington vs. travolta

washington vs. travolta

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One thought on “Not another Train movie?!

  1. chacha says:

    I liked Denzel Washington in this movie.

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