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A new shade of yellow: President Noynoy Aquino


The crowd at the Quirino Grandstand was reminiscent of autumn leaves in Central Park as they gathered, clad in bright yellow outfits, to witness the inauguration of President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

The atmosphere bred patriotism denoting the rebirth of democracy. That day of June 30th, the world beheld the younger Benigno Aquino sworn in office as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. Looking back, the rise of an Aquino signified a milestone in the course of Philippine history. His father, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was assissinated for standing against the tyranny of the Marcos regime. Taking over Ninoy’s unfinished task, Corazon Aquino stood as the standard-bearer for her husband, rallying democracy to end Martial Law. She later on becomes president after the first non-bloodshed revolution ever recorded–the People Power in 1986. Even in their funerals, the Aquino couple have proven that honest and sincere leadership can unite an entire nation.

And another Aquino has done it again. Bidding to campaign for the presidential position after the death of his mother, many Filipino hearts were ignited to hope again for the Philippines when Noynoy Aquino filed for candidacy. Campaigning to eradicate corruption and poverty, Noynoy Aquino promises to listen to the people’s voices and lead the country with true democracy. A landslide victory in the May polls proved that Filipinos believed in what an Aquino can do to bring about the change they have been waiting for.

He spurs hope in the hearts of Filipinos at the inauguraiton

Viewed live online, the Filipinos around the world saw and heard their new President take an oath to lead the country with love, honesty and justice. And because of Noynoy Aquino, the inauguration of a Philippine president has never been this hopeful and enthusiastic.

Only time will tell how effective of a president he will be. I pray that during his term, the Philippines will see a new shade of yellow shine brighter than the rest.  May the Lord bless the new President of the Philippines.

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