Monthly Archives: October 2010

Saturday nostalgia

It is around this time when I would go to class and burn my braincells over readings and lectures in gradschool. Scurrying to the library every break time to reserve this and that book for the next writing assignment. Oftentimes lappy would complain that battery’s running low and I haven’t typed a single word to start nth reaction for the poems discussed the past week. I would walk the halls and into the cold classroom in a zombie-like manner because I haven’t had a decent sleep the night before worrying about what the professor will ask in class the next day. Bag would almost tear up because of the thick reading papers I stuff it with and literally drag it to school. My co-worker/classmate would feel pity for me but she proves to be a good Samaritan–she kept my bolts intact.

I knew graduate school would be stressful but I didn’t expect it to take so much out of your life. Now I understand friends who have accomplished their units, earned that MA and finally getting their life back. I might have dreaded going into the program on some days, especially when deadline stares coldly back at me, but the knowledge I acquire every time is so worth it. You may say that I miss the stress I have brought upon myself. Hence the nostalgia in this gloomy Saturday afternoon.

But I do not regret one single bit that I put it on hold for life to happen. I can (will) never replace knowledge with the richness of life. Learning is not confined in institutions, methinks. Learning continues even after a Ph.D.

I can always go back to gradschool and finally finish what I’ve started. I believe if it’s within the will of the Lord, it shall be so–and acquiring knowledge and wisdom are definitely part of that. Yet, to let go of this to give priority to what is more important is what I’m after. What you take from life is dependent on what you value.

And I value–

No one can earn a masters degree on these. Unless you know and understand who the Master is.


Not everything is a big deal

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a difficult person. Maybe I am.

But maybe, I just want to have a break. Conversations shouldn’t always end up with discussions that are exhausting and discouraging.

Why does it always have to be a big deal to some people? It was just a card, for crying out loud!!!

I wonder if this will always be the case. I’m already tired and I haven’t been in that phase yet.

Don’t go asking why a sanguine like me ended mute. I needed to rest.


I need to do something about this blog. I’ve always been saying that but this cyber space right here remained untended. I wonder what I should make of this?

I could always write my daily musings here and make it a documentation of sorts. But “daily” being the operative word, will most surely make this blog an epic fail. So…

Wedding blog maybe? Hmmm.. and after the wedding? It will be short-lived definitely, soon after it’ll be gathering dust again.

Oh well, I will think of something. But until then, it could always note down my sporadic and insane thoughts about my life and the wisdom I’ve acquired in my journey here on earth.

For now, I’m simply happy that I’ve posted something new here again. 😀