Not everything is a big deal

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a difficult person. Maybe I am.

But maybe, I just want to have a break. Conversations shouldn’t always end up with discussions that are exhausting and discouraging.

Why does it always have to be a big deal to some people? It was just a card, for crying out loud!!!

I wonder if this will always be the case. I’m already tired and I haven’t been in that phase yet.

Don’t go asking why a sanguine like me ended mute. I needed to rest.


5 thoughts on “Not everything is a big deal

  1. mima says:

    god bless your heart mimay…u can tell me all about it when u feel like it. im free tomorrow the whole day,il work from home and sat morning. so let me know if u feel like ranting.

  2. says:

    dear Normee

    What you said is true…

    I vouch for what you blogged, why do some people make a big deal on some small stuff anyway?
    Some people are damn insensitive.. some people are inconsiderate.. some people are just too plain,
    too dull, too stiff. You’re coming from a stand point of frustration, I feel for you. I understand. whoever these people are I ask forgiveness in their behalf, I just want you to know I am totally behind you.

    I am not excused I have been insensitive too and magnified the small, to someone I dearly love. What a sigh… deep sigh… Thank goodness I came out of it alive. Thank God for forgiveness!

    In season of growth relationships are measured and tested, but those who stand strong and trust and believe will live to see the better days and ready themselves for a new season of growth. Lessons are learned in the crucible of life but wisdom is gained if we humbly accept the truth, though hard it is at times.

    Small Stuff? Ignore it.. Big stuff? Talk about it.. that’s a resolution.

    You’re not a difficult person.. you’re just different…

    Have a good rest, you need that 🙂

  3. bijoiski says:

    I would like to qoute Manong Willie Girao on this “‎”Give room for differences in perception. Don’t insist that everyone should see things as you do. Life is not a bland uniformity; life, rather, is a colorful mosaic of different perceptions and different ways of doing things.” William B. Girao on his book, I Don’t Want to Feel This Way

    I am a firm believer that opposites attract and by God’s grace can blend beautifully. put emphasis on God’s grace. hahaha. buti nalang may grace 😉

  4. Joni says:

    Waah, what happened?? Does this have something to do with you deleting your Facebook account? Hehe, na-curious tuloy ako 😛

    • normeee says:

      Well, yeah. Haha. It’s kind of a long story. But I guess when it’s about love, you’ve just had to know what your priorities are and what you’re willing to give to make it stay.

      Babaw, haha. Oo, dahil yan sa facebook. :p

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