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Of revisiting neighborhoods and biking

Today, I woke up to a beautiful morning. Christmas breeze passing through our kitchen hall–moved me to make some toast for breakfast. As I munch on those semi-burnt toast (just the way I like it), I loved listening to the water flowing in the creek as if singing on duet with the brushing sound of the swaying leaves. A hot cereal drink and a sweet smile warmed my shivery skin. I knew this morning will make it to my most-favorites.

I walked to the garage space and inhaled some of those yuletide air. A grandma pushing a buggy with a bouncy baby boy passed by and I just couldn’t help but wave at the tot and smiled at him. The toothless granny smiled back at me for making her grandson chuckle. I felt a sense of fulfillment. As they wheeled past my big, rusty gate, I saw his tiny head take a peep and glanced back at me. Ha! I made a connection. I blew him a quick kiss and grinned. This little boy knows how to charm ladies. He flashed those pinkish gums and leaned back in his stroller. I breathed in some more and head back in.

A mountain bike parked in my garage piqued my long untapped biking expertism. I’m not one who would back down on a challenge. My legs welcomed the dare so I changed into something more sporty and convincingly pro-biker attire. Stepping out into the streets I set it upon myself to stretch my ligaments and not stop until I break a sweat.

The cool breeze and muted atmosphere proved to be a perfect time to go biking. It’s been a while since I’ve visited the neighborhood–that will be my route. With a sense of adventure, I mounted the bike and paddled away.

A lot has changed since I last went around the neighborhood. Houses of old school bus-mates (though ours was a shiny passenger jeepney) improved to more lavish structures. I didn’t see any of my old friends–it would’ve been nice though–but it was too early for anyone to chitchat. I also noticed roadblocks abound (proof that more neighbors are petlovers) and more humps were added on every street. I continued on. It was lovely to bike and go sight-seeing, reminiscing old memories when I last passed by these roads. Remembering every house I’ve been into and the childhood stuff I used to do. An old man by the store looked worriedly when he saw me smiling to myself. A quick “G’morning!” diffused any suspicions that may arise.

Visiting all the known routes, I opted to take the unfamiliar turns. I discovered a different turf–more grandiose houses, shortcuts, rough alleys and smooth paths and more friendly neighbors. I never knew my neighborhood was this amazing!
This short journey gave me plenty of deep thinking and provided me with insightful thoughts. Traveling has always been great–an essential goal for me. Be it out of town, overseas or just around the hood–it is the experience in traveling that I cherish. This morning I feel so achieved for traveling at no expense, for healthier reasons and in more eco-friendly manner. I should do this more often.

The sunlight begin to envelop the surroundings and heat begin to burn my perspiring skin. I took it as a signal to go back to homebase. I cycled with stretched calves and warmed up back muscles and thought of doing this again next week. I guess it’s true when they say biking can be addicting. I’m bound to get hooked.

Parking the mountain bike back to where I first found it, I wondered when it will find itself back there again. Waiting for my return, my brother asks how was my little biking trip. With a wide smile I replied, “Awesome!” He laughed and took my new found friend back to its rightful owner.

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