Possibility of the Impossible True Love

Could it be that the true love you have been clamoring for is the one person you never thought could be the one? Could this true love be the one who have given you unreserved love and kept on loving you still regardless of your negligence of him (or her)?

If only this realization was as easy as appreciating an unexpected rain shower in the middle of summer, then there’d be less sorrow and misery in the world.

Could it be that when someone has started to love you long before you’ve recognized it, it is true love? For a love unreciprocated doesn’t prove to be not true, but only that—unreciprocated. Once it is acknowledged and embraced, it will be a love that will blossom to its full potential providing happiness and contentment in your life. Then you become undaunted by the world.

Could it be that you have gotten the equation backwards? Could it be true love finding you and not you looking for it?

If that were the case, then the knowledge of true love you are familiar with is challenged. What happens then when this true love finds you yet you were too occupied to notice it? Could it mean impossibility of having true love again?

Why the emphasis on “true”? Could you not be satisfied with just love, for it is love anyhow? Yet, would you be willing to settle for anything less of true for the sake of having love?

True love, however, in this scope is relative, is it not? Is it ever conceivable to have one definition of true love? If not, why do you even bother to understand it?

The more you try to comprehend it, the more it messes you up. If this confusion is what you earn from searching true love, why not cut the chase and let it find you?

But then it goes back to the very first question. What if you have been found? Sometimes your reason of true love is the one hampering you of its recognition.

Is there any way for you to see it when it is there? Could you catch a hint once it shows up?

Nevertheless, can you give this unexpected true love full access to your fragile heart? Is it worth the risk at all?

Is true love ever possible? How would you know that the true love who finds you is the one true love that you’ve been waiting for?

Can you really know?

True love is a success story in itself. Discovering true love depends on how it will be written. Its possibility lies on who holds the pen.

Written last March 23, 2010
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