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Random thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon

  • I sometimes wonder where have all my good friends gone.
  • I realized that I needed to start writing again.
  • Gusto kong mag-blog ng purong Tagalog.
  • Eating healthy during this pregnancy phase is really hard, especially when you’re a very busy employee.
  • While I love what I’m doing now, I think it has come to this point when I have to go.
  • I miss a lot of people and moments… and my eyes mist up when I think about those.
  • I love my husband and every day I find new things to love about him.
  • What a beautiful experience pregnancy is!
  • Goal after giving birth: start training for triathlon with the husband.
  • How funny that I already have a goal after giving birth when I’ve just entered my second trimester.
  • I have to wash this saucer in front of me.
  • Thank God for cartoons and Sesame Street. They make me sane.
  • I’m excited for this season in my life!
All I need is a little inspiration to keep me blogging again. I miss this.

Mourning the death of a stranger

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The creator of Apple meets the Creator of apple.

May you rest in peace, Mr. Steve Jobs. We are never the same again.

We all mourn because even if you are a stranger to many of us, you have touched our lives in one way or another through your creations.

Thank you.

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