Random thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon

  • I sometimes wonder where have all my good friends gone.
  • I realized that I needed to start writing again.
  • Gusto kong mag-blog ng purong Tagalog.
  • Eating healthy during this pregnancy phase is really hard, especially when you’re a very busy employee.
  • While I love what I’m doing now, I think it has come to this point when I have to go.
  • I miss a lot of people and moments… and my eyes mist up when I think about those.
  • I love my husband and every day I find new things to love about him.
  • What a beautiful experience pregnancy is!
  • Goal after giving birth: start training for triathlon with the husband.
  • How funny that I already have a goal after giving birth when I’ve just entered my second trimester.
  • I have to wash this saucer in front of me.
  • Thank God for cartoons and Sesame Street. They make me sane.
  • I’m excited for this season in my life!
All I need is a little inspiration to keep me blogging again. I miss this.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon

  1. sheladyanne says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. Very normal and realistic picture of everyday living.
    You knw what, dream ko din magblog ng pure tagalog, i tried writing tagalog entries, kaya lang parang ako lang nakaappreciate 🙂
    hope mafullfil nating 2 yan..
    I would love to read yours..
    And oh- have a safe delivery
    -from your new found reader, (that’s me)
    keep on posting!

  2. normeee says:

    Hey, thanks! I always appreciate comments like this. Will try to post more, yeah. Siguro yung susunod kong post, isusulat ko talaga sa Tagalog. Hehe. Blessings!

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