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Dizizit boys and girls!

Illustrated by Daniel Herrera Jr.

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A new shade of yellow: President Noynoy Aquino


The crowd at the Quirino Grandstand was reminiscent of autumn leaves in Central Park as they gathered, clad in bright yellow outfits, to witness the inauguration of President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

The atmosphere bred patriotism denoting the rebirth of democracy. That day of June 30th, the world beheld the younger Benigno Aquino sworn in office as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. Looking back, the rise of an Aquino signified a milestone in the course of Philippine history. His father, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was assissinated for standing against the tyranny of the Marcos regime. Taking over Ninoy’s unfinished task, Corazon Aquino stood as the standard-bearer for her husband, rallying democracy to end Martial Law. She later on becomes president after the first non-bloodshed revolution ever recorded–the People Power in 1986. Even in their funerals, the Aquino couple have proven that honest and sincere leadership can unite an entire nation.

And another Aquino has done it again. Bidding to campaign for the presidential position after the death of his mother, many Filipino hearts were ignited to hope again for the Philippines when Noynoy Aquino filed for candidacy. Campaigning to eradicate corruption and poverty, Noynoy Aquino promises to listen to the people’s voices and lead the country with true democracy. A landslide victory in the May polls proved that Filipinos believed in what an Aquino can do to bring about the change they have been waiting for.

He spurs hope in the hearts of Filipinos at the inauguraiton

Viewed live online, the Filipinos around the world saw and heard their new President take an oath to lead the country with love, honesty and justice. And because of Noynoy Aquino, the inauguration of a Philippine president has never been this hopeful and enthusiastic.

Only time will tell how effective of a president he will be. I pray that during his term, the Philippines will see a new shade of yellow shine brighter than the rest.  May the Lord bless the new President of the Philippines.

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SURVEY SAYS: 70% Filipino youth DO NOT OWN A BIBLE! This is a shocking revelation!

It is indeed a sad fact that 60% of the Philippine population do not own a Bible! This is an alarming result from a survey conducted by A.C. Nielsen to measure how many Filipinos are reached by God’s Word. Imagine our shock when we learned that 70% of this 60% population are teenagers and young professionals. And to think, the Philippines is called the only “Christian nation in Southeast Asia”.

Nowadays, the youth no longer find God’s Word relevant to their lives so they don’t even bother to open a Bible. And this is something to ponder on….

Kung ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan at hindi sila bilib sa Biblia–anong kinabukasan meron ang Pilipinas?

It is in response to this realization that notable Christian organizations and churches united to rally the Y generation for God’s Word. This birthed the–


A FREE event for all the youth, young at heart and young once. Join the battle cry of this generation as they own, read and live God’s Word.

So we ask you…

Bakit ka b’lib sa Biblia mo? Share your testimony, declare why you love the Bible. Blog about it, leave a comment here or there or even suggest crazy brilliant ideas how to encourage the youth—like you—to be Bible lovers.

Leave us a link to your blog posts and we’ll link you back. Help the Bible Society promote God’s Word among the Filipino youth.

Be there at the Youth Explode event in the Bulwagan ng Panginoon (formerly Folk Arts Theatre) and enjoy a whole day affair of fun and interesting activities that will surely make you love your Bibles more! Read here for more information.

We love to hear (read) from you. C’mon help spread the love… spread the Word!

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WordCamp fun encapsulated

See how great the WordCamp was…

Oh, and try to spot me. 😀

Kudos to Buddy Gancenia of Reality Wedding Video for making this cool vid. 🙂

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And I am now WordPress de-virginized—thankyou WordCamp. Ok, that
sounded wrong, ha ha!

I really didn’t know what to expect from the camp. I basically just
signed up because: 1) you just have to blog about WordCamp to get in the
list (which worked for me since I needed to update my blog too anyway
*hee*); 2) because I want to know why WordPress is THE blogging
platform; 3) I want to experience a blogging event and be introduced to
a new circle of people; and 4) I got kinda curious about who this Matt
was and why does everyone in the WordPress community go
berserk just hearing his name.

I really didn’t have any major reason to go to the WordCamp, until a
month before the actual event. Since I’m also part of the website
committee where I work, I was commissioned by my boss to cover it.
Therefore, what I intended for plain enjoyment and experience became
work for me—I’m not complaining though. I picked up quite a lot from
the morning forums by notable professional bloggers and afternoon talks
by renowned Matt Mullenweg, Aileen Apolo, and other honchos in the
blogging business. Too bad I can’t be in all the morning forums at the
same time. But I think I have everything I needed from Jayvee‘s
Blogging 102, Blogie‘s advise on creating a blogging community, and
Hans‘ tips on WordPress and SEO.

I almost felt a warm tear on my cheek as I entered CSB gates. Talk
about nostalgia! It has been years since I walked the halls of Mutien
and Benilde again—remembering the classes I had to endure in those
rooms and joyfully looking back at the fun memories in Augusto-Rosario
Theatre (hooray Frosh Orientation!). Good times.

As I was sitting there, listening to Matt talk about WordPress—some,
honestly are jargons to me still and I keep getting distracted by that
pink polo he’s wearing (in a good way, hahaha!)—I was really
impressed at how fast WordPress is developing and being on top of its
game. Bloggers will forever be grateful to the beautiful minds behind
WordPress—oh hey that’s you, Matt! Ergo, Matt Mullenweg’s talk,
ladies and gentlemen, ultimately satisfied my reasons #2 and #4.

I sure am glad I didn’t miss this very historical WordPress event, I
am a kitty no more
. So I might not ring a bell yet in the blogging
sphere, but I soon will. And that friends, is what happens to silent,
habitual bloggers at the aftermath of WordCamp.

I was there see….

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Wanted: Photographer; Model: Potato

your model

your model

Haha, when my friend first told me about this I was laughing so hard. But then as I explored the website, it was for real! They have amazing prizes for both Professional and Amateur photographers, which includes a Nikon D300 and Nikon D60 + lenses!

So check THIS out and go grab a potato and shoot! 🙂

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WordPress virgin no more—after WordCamp, that is

Well, I’ve been a blogger for quite some time now. I’ve been there. But since most of my friends moved on to be in the blogging business, I felt alone. On that account, I blogged less and less. I found it useless to post entries with no one to interact it with—it’s like talking to a wall. In my attempt to rouse my passion for blogging again, I moved to where they all went—WordPress—because they say it’s where the party at.

While my friends went to become the Jedis that they are now, in this blogging field, knowing all the terms and whatnots; I, on the other hand, became an ignoramus to these optimazations, CSS, SEO, and other tralalas. I felt like a little kitty in the big, old, unfriendly city, not knowing what to do. Oh, poor me.

Thank God for good cyber-Samaritans like the Mindanao Bloggers! There’s still hope for people like me!

Because I feel I have been ungrateful to this generous bloghost, I would like to get to know it better. And I will at the WordCamp. Hooray!

I’m so going to learn the stuff all the big honchos in the WWW know. Ha!

♥ Blogging 102 – Basics & Beyond
♥ Other Ways to Use WordPress
♥ Video and Mobile Blogging
♥ Cascading Style Sheets
♥ Blog Monetization
♥ Migrating to WordPress
♥ Organizing / Optimizing Your WordPress Blog
♥ Advanced WordPress Management
♥ Developing WP Plugins / Best Practices in PHP Coding
♥ Designing WP Themes
♥ WordPress & SEO
♥ WordPress E-commerce Site
♥ Configuring & Deploying WordPress MU
♥ Developing WP Aggregator Sites
♥ WordPress Security / Anti-Hacking Techniques
♥ WP Development Ethics
♥ Microformats

And goodness with sponsors like these guys below, THIS is grand, I tell ya.

And to think it’s only going to be at a spitting distance from my apartment, my alma mater—DLS-College of Saint Benilde. Aaaah, truly heaven-sent. 🙂

Expect me there, September 06, 2008 in CSB’s Augusto-Rosario Gonzalez Theater (oh, that’s on the 5th floor). ON THE DOT.

And for sure, right after this event, I’m no longer a kitty. I’ll be a roaring lion in cyberspace unleashing the prowess WordCamp has bestowed upon me. Oh yeaaaah! 😀

C’mon guys, sign up, this is one brainy gig you wouldn’t want to miss! Right Joni? 😉

WordCamp Philippines

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